Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Design & Editorial Services publishing guidelines

A message from the Executive Director

What is our Brand?

In many ways ‘brand’ expresses what an organisation is - what it stands for. Brand is about building and enhancing one’s corporate reputation: it’s about organisational values, moral and ethical standards, policies and practices, goals and aspirations. Everything we do impacts on our brand.

Brand is about the attitude of all employees within an organisation and how every action they take is interpreted by all of the organisation’s stakeholders and the community at large. Brand is about how we communicate both within and outside of the Gardens' walls: with the visiting public, the media, our Minister and all of Government, the scientific community, commercial and private stakeholders. Brand includes how we answers the phone, our salutation, tone of voice, voice mail contents, email content and signature.

Brand is about uniform and its badging (and how it’s worn); branding includes vehicle livery and Shop merchandise: what we sell, whether it’s environmentally friendly, whether our packaging is environmentally responsible and so on. Brand is about sustainable horticulture: the plants we choose to grow in the Gardens, integrated pest management, water-wise plants, and in general our gardening practices.

Corporate visual identity is a critical component of an organisation’s brand. An elegant and consistent visual corporate identity sends a very clear message to an organisation’s stakeholders - a message of organisational esteem and competence - a message that engenders trust and support from an organisation’s stakeholders. A strong visual corporate identity adds value to an organisation, and sets a solid platform to reflect its values and mission.

Consistency in visual identity is the key to promoting stakeholder confidence in all that the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust portrays. This guide to publishing is designed to ensure that all communication documents carry the Trust brand in a consistent way so that brand recognition is promoted and enhanced to all Trust stakeholders: visitors to all three Gardens and the Domain, Government, other scientific institutions, commercial partners and individual supporters, donors and sponsors.

Dr Tim Entwisle, Executive Director, March 2007