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Cultural Diversity Statement

In 1996, the NSW Parliament made a legislative commitment to acknowledge and actively value the cultural diversity of the NSW people by supporting and promoting the following principles:

  1. all individuals in New South Wales should have the greatest possible opportunity to contribute to, and participate in, all aspects of public life in which they may legally participate.
  2. all individuals and institutions should respect and make provision for the culture, language and religion of others within an Australian legal and institutional framework where English is the common language.
  3. all individuals should have the greatest possible opportunity to make use of and participate in relevant activities and programs provided or administered by the Government of NSW.
  4. all institutions of NSW should recognise the linguistic and cultural assets in the population of NSW as a valuable resource and promote this resource to maximise the development of the State.

These principles are now part of the Community Relation Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Act 2000 (section 3).

As a significant tourist destination, educator and communicator, the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust is committed to these principles and has developed a plan of action to value cultural diversity both within the sites (through initiatives to ensure our sites and services are accessible and to ensure that our staff are comfortable and valued) and in the broader community (through our outreach programs). This plan of action will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis and information concerning implementation of the plan can be obtained from the Trust’s Annual Report.

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