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About us

Plant DNA sequencing

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust's DNA Sequencing Unit provides a complete plant genetic fingerprinting service for scientific researchers and for the plant breeding industry.

Range of services

  • extraction of DNA from plant material
  • amplification of DNA
  • sequencing of DNA
  • DNA finger-printing

Our facilities

  • modern plant DNA laboratory
  • sequencing and some profiling is done off-site
  • Cambridge S360 scanning electron microscope
  • comprehensive botanical & horticultural library
  • modern tissue culture & seed physiology laboratories
  • nursery & glasshouse facilities
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Unit

Our team

  • laboratory manager (PhD)
  • technical staff (graduates)

Our team has available the full resources of the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, including

  • a large team of specialist botanists
  • plant ecologists
  • plant pathologist

What does the service cost?

  • there will be a set fee for a feasibility study
  • subsequent charges depend on the specific project

Use of research data by the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust

  • All research data is made available to our customers at the conclusion of the contract period.
  • In addition, the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust may negotiate to use data, both during and after the contract period, for presentation at seminars, conferences and workshops.

Some of our customers 

  • New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • plant breeders

Further information

Adam Marchant
Phone 9231 8170 or 9231 8083
Fax 9251 7231

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