Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

About us

Contract horticulture service

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust provides landscape design, management planning services and garden maintenance for owners, lessees and developers, for large and small gardens.

Range of services

  • on-site consultation
  • recommendations for development of landscape and/or garden
  • detailed landscape and garden design
  • installation of landscape and garden designs
  • professional maintenance of large and small scale gardens
  • care of prestigious high profile sites

We specialise in

  • sensitive and heritage sites
  • sites in and around the central business of Sydney
  • public as well as private sites, owned or leased

We have

  • over 180 years of horticultural and botanical experience
  • fully qualified horticultural staff
  • a wide range of appropriate horticultural equipment
  • extensive botanical and horticultural library.

What does this service cost?

  • prices available on application
  • free quotations available

Our team

Our team comprises a specialised qualified landscape architect, qualified and experienced horticulturists and a specialist construction team. They have available the full resources of the organisation, including the plant disease diagnostic unit, library, and a full range of landscaping and gardening equipment.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden