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Tertiary Studies Program

We are a leading organisation for the study of plant science in Australia. The Plant Sciences Branch, in particular, advances and communicates knowledge about plant biodiversity and horticulture. The Tertiary Studies Program makes an important and major contribution to our mission.

The scientific staff cosupervise projects with universities in New South Wales and elsewhere. The contact person for a project can advise you on the most appropriate universities to suit your interests. Note that you will need to gain approval and acceptance from your selected university. A supervisory agreement will then need to be signed, including the allocation of infrastructure resources (a funding allocation arrangement is in place with The University of New England, and similar arrangements will need to be made with other universities).

If you are interested in any project please email the contact person for further information.


Freshwater Algae ‘Taxonomic revision of Zygogonium, a common terrestrial green alga around Sydney’. Morphological study including collection, culturing and taxonomic assessment of material from the Sydney region. Also other projects on systematics and biogeography of freshwater and terrestrial green, blue-green and red algae. Honours or Masters/PhD); Tim Entwisle (

Marine Algae ‘Taxonomy and distribution of the marine benthic algae of NSW coastal lagoons, especially in the Illawarra and Narabeen areas.’ Morphological and molecular study. Masters/PhD; Alan Millar (


  • ‘Survey of the pollen morphology of the Chamelaucium alliance and its phylogenetic significance.’ Morphological study using Scanning Electron Microscopy. Honours; Peter Wilson (
  • Phylogeny of the non-persistent fruited species of Leptospermum.’ Morphological and molecular study. Honours/Masters; Peter Wilson (


Streams ‘Assessing stream condition and ‘health’ using macrophytes and algae.’ Various projects on algae, bryophytes and vascular plants in wetlands and streams. Masters/Ph.D.; Tim Entwisle (

Horticultural research

  • ‘Seed physiology of selected taxa of Australian plants with emphasis on threatened species.’ Hons/Masters/PhD; Cathy Offord (
  • Tissue culture of Australian plant species with emphasis on threatened species’. Hons/Masters/PhD; Cathy Offord (

Plant pathology

'Biology of Fusarium.' This fungal genus is one of the most important genera of plant pathogenic fungi worldwide. There are a number of projects on the taxonomy, biology, ecology and diagnosis of these fungi. Masters/PhD; Brett Summerell (

'Pathogenic fungi affecting members of the Proteaceae.' Research on the taxonomy and pathogenicity of fungi affecting members of the Proteaceae family. Masters/PhD; Brett Summerell (

Studying the Wollemi Pine