Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Work experience

The workplace is a dynamic and interesting environment in which skills and knowledge gain relevance. Work experience, or workplace learning, engages the wider community in the operations of the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust and contributes to fulfilling the Trust’s role as an educational institution.

Work experience generally takes place on botanic garden estates, tends to be for individuals or small groups linked to a learning institution, and is for a specific duration. Persons involved in work experience will not receive payment for work done for the Trust. In some cases, the Trust receives payment for supervising and training work placements.

The Trust encourages its managers to provide on-the-job experience for students who may require enhanced access to the workforce; however this arrangement is determined by the work loads and needs of the individual sections whose staff must be consulted. Work experience placements are at the discretion of Branch Directors.

Sometimes work experience is a mandatory component of a study program, and the Trust will offer what opportunities it can to facilitate such programs. In all offers of work experience there is the opportunity to develop work competencies by performing particular tasks or duties in the manner of an employee but with emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

Work experience placements must be covered by comprehensive personal insurance cover, usually arranged through their educational institution. As such, evidence of this must be established before any work commences at the Trust’s estates.


Work experience requests should, in general, be made in writing and are to be sent directly to the Section Manager for the area where the experience is to be gained. The written request should outline course of study being undertaken; skills and competencies expected to be obtained during the work placement; total period of work placement requested and the reasons for specifically approaching the Trust. Where an existing arrangement is in place with an organisation (e.g. University) and a section of the Trust, individual placements may be arranged by phone call or in person.

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