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Amelia Martyn 

Amelia Martyn BHortSci, PhD(Syd)

Seed Research Officer (part time)

Science and Public Programs

Conservation and Horticultural Research
The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan


+61 2 4634 7968

+61 2 4648 2465

Research interests
Seed germination of Australian species


seed biology, germination, dormancy, longevity, viability, horticulture, plant stress, plant physiology

Key publications

Peer reviewed publications

  • Martyn AJ, Seed LU, Ooi MKJ and Offord CA (2009) Seed fill, viability and germination of NSW species in the family Rutaceae. Cunninghamia 11(2):203-212.

  • Frith A, Offord C.A. and Martyn A.J. (2009). To bag or not to bag? The effect of different collection methods on seed germination of Zieria arborescens ssp. arborescens Sim. Ecological Restoration and Management 10: 238-241.

  • Martyn AJ, Seed LU and Offord CA (2008) Seed desiccation tolerance of threatened Australian species Myrsine richmondensis. Seed Science and Technology 36:206-209.
  • Martyn AJ, Larkum AWD, McConchie R and Offord CA (2008) Photoinhibition and change in pigments associated with bract browning in waratahs (Telopea spp., Proteaceae). Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 83(3): 367-373.
  • Martyn AJ, Gollnow B, McConchie R and Offord CA (2007) Characterisation of bract browning and the effect of shade on browning in waratah (Telopea spp., Proteaceae) cultivars ‘Fire and Brimstone’, ‘Olympic Flame’ and ‘Wirrimbirra White’. Scientia Horticulturae 112:427-433.
  • Martyn AJ, Thomas CR, O’Neill ME, Offord CA and McConchie R (2007) Bract browning in waratahs (Telopea spp.) is not a localised calcium deficiency disorder. Scientia Horticulturae 112:434-438.
  • Martyn A (2004) The physiology and control of bract browning in waratahs. PhD thesis. Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Sydney.
  • Martyn A, Tyler J, Offord C and McConchie R (2003). Swainsona sejuncta: A species of ornamental promise or a potential weed? Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 43:1369-1381.

Edited publications

  • Martyn, J., Sommerville, K.D.  and C.A. Offord (2011).  Effects of stratification and temperature on germination of high altitude species from Kosciuszko National Park., Report to the Australian Flora Foundation.
  • Offord, C. A. and Martyn, A. J. (2010). Perspectives on seed biology of Waratahs and other Australian Proteaceae. Acta Horticulturae (submitted).
  • Martyn AJ, Merritt DJ and Turner SR (2009) Seed banking. In Offord CA and Meagher PF (eds.) Plant germplasm conservation in Australia: strategies and guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections. Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc., Canberra. Chapter 4, pp 63-85.
  • Martyn A (2009) Seed longevity in Australian species: a collaborative study through the AuSCaR (Australian Seed Conservation and Research) network. Australasian Plant Conservation 17 (4): 9-10.
  • Seed L, Martyn AJ and Offord CA (2006). Seed viability in serotinous species of the Sydney region. Australasian Plant Conservation 15 (1): 8-9.
  • Martyn A, McConchie R. and Offord C (2006). Effect of shade on bract browning of waratahs (Telopea spp.). Acta Horticulturae 716:117-126.
  • Martyn A, Thomas C, Gollnow B, Offord C and McConchie R (2003) Investigations into the causes of bract browning in waratahs (Telopea spp.) Acta Horticulturae 602:99-102.

General publications

  • Martyn A (2008) Seeds take a journey to the heavens. WISENet Journal 79:9.
  • Martyn A (2008) The balancing act: Pearls of wisdom from busy women. WISENet Journal 79:15-16.
  • Martyn, A. (2006) A Passion for Australian Plants: Finding my way to the NSW Seedbank. WISENet Journal 71:4-5.
  • Martyn, A. (2004) Bract browning of waratahs is reduced by shading. Australian Flower Industry 1(3):16.
  • Martyn, A., Offord, C. and McConchie, R. (2002) Can shading and frequent irrigation reduce bract browning in waratahs? International Protea News 43:8-9.



  Amelia Martyn