Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

John Siemon

Project Manager PlantBank

Science & Public Programs

The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan


(02) 4634 7969

(02) 4634 7950

Previous research projects
Storage of rare and threatened orchid species of NSW and their associated mycorrhizae - funded by Hermon Slade Foundation.

Research interests

Horticulture, Research, Plant Breeding, Tissue culture, Terrestrial orchids, Mycorrhizal associations


Horticulture, Research, Plant breeding, Tissue culture, Orchids


  • Project Managing PlantBank
  • Managing scientific projects and facilities
  • Manage the tissue culture laboratory
  • Assisting research programs
  • Providing support services for the NSW Seedbank
  • Assisting undergraduate/postgraduate students
  • Manage weather station

Key publications

  • Sommerville, K.D. Siemon, J.P. Wood, C.B.and Offord, C.A. (2008) Simultaneous encapsulation of seed and mycorrhizal fungi for long-term storage and propagation of terrestrial orchids. Australian Journal of Botany 56: 609–615.

  • Sommerville, K.D., Heslewood, M.M., Siemon, J.P. and Offord, C.A. (2009) Banking site soil for the germination of terrestrial orchid seed collections. Seed Science and Technology 37: 222-228.

  • Siemon, J., Offord, C. and Sommerville, K. (2009) Storage of Terrestrial orchid seed and symbionts for ex situ conservation. Australasian Plant Conservation 17(4): 7-8.

  • Offord, C.A., Bunn, E., Turner, S.R., Sommerville, K.D., Siemon, J. & Ashmore, S.E. (2009) Chapter 6. Tissue Culture. In  Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia. Strategies and Guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections. Ed. Offord, C.A. and Meagher, P.F. Fully Revised Edition. Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc., Canberra. 191 pp.