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Nathalie Nagalingum 


Systematic Botanist


Science and Public Programs


Plant Diversity

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Research experience

  • The University of Melbourne, Ph.D.
  • Duke University, Postdoctoral research associate.
  • Harvard University, Postdoctoral research associate.
  • University of California, Berkeley, Postdoctoral research associate.

Current research projects

  • Phylodiversity of Australian ferns
  • Diversification patterns and processes in Australian ferns
  • Species relationships within the semi-aquatic fern Marsilea
  • Species delimitation of Australian cycads
  • Phylogeny and diversification of the cycads
  • Patterns of evolution of fossil cycads
  • Paleobiological patterns in fern and angiosperm diversity

Research interests

  • Evolution, diversification and phylogenetics of ferns
  • Evolution, species delimitation and biogeography of cycads
  • Patterns of extinction and speciation during the radiation of angiosperms


  • Ferns, cycads, gymnosperms, paleobotany, fossils, molecular dating, phylogenetics, diversity

Key publications


  • Nagalingum, N., Knerr, N., Laffan, S., Gonzalez-Orozco, C., Thornhill, A., Miller, J., and Mishler, B., 2015. Continental-scale patterns and predictors of fern diversity. Frontiers in Genetics. In press. Invited paper for special issue on “The origins of tropical diversity”.
  • Nagalingum, N. and Cantrill, D., 2015. The Albian fern flora of Alexander Island, Antarctica. Cretaceous Research. In press.
  • Condamine, F., Nagalingum, N., Marshall, C., and Morlon, H., 2015. Origin and diversification of living cycads: A cautionary tale on the impact of branching process prior in Bayesian molecular dating. BMC Evolutionary Biology. In press.
  • Nagalingum, N., Knerr, N., Mishler, B., and Cargill, D. C., 2014. Overlapping fern and bryophyte hotspots: assessing ferns as a predictor of bryophyte diversity. Telopea 17: 383-392.
  • Gonzalez-Orozco, C., Ebach, M., Laffan, S., Thornhill, A., Knerr, N., Schmidt-Lebuhn, A., Cargill, C., Clements, M., Nagalingum, N., Mishler, B., and Miller, J., 2014. Quantifying phytogeographical regions of Australia using geospatial turnover in species composition. PLoS ONE 9: e92558.
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