Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Peter Wilson 


Principal Research Scientist

Science and Conservation

Plant Diversity


peter.wilson [at]


+61 2 9231 8158


+61 2 9251 7231

Research interests

Systematics of Myrtaceae and Indigofera (Fabaceae)


Systematics, Phylogeny, Morphology

Current research projects

  • Defining generic limits within the Chamelaucieae (Myrtaceae) (with Margaret Heslewood)
  • Phylogeny of the Darwinia, Verticordia and their allies (Myrtaceae) (with Dr Matthew Barrett, Kings Park & Botanic Garden)
  • Investigating the generic position of species of Leptospermum (Myrtaceae) with non persistent-fruits (with Margaret Heslewood)
  • Phylogeny of the tribe Xanthostemoneae (Myrtaceae) (with Adrien Wulff, Institut Agronomique néo-Calédonien and University of New Caledonia, and Margaret Heslewood)
  • Revision of the tribe Indigofereae (Fabaceae) in Australia (with Ross Rowe, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities)
  • Phylogeny of Haloragis exalata (Haloragaceae) and its allies (with Margaret Heslewood)

Key publications

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