Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Bob Makinson


Conservation Botanist, Centre for Plant Conservation


Science & Public Programs



Mobile 0457 722 583 (preferred); landline 02 9231 8174


02 9241 1135

Research interests

  • Taxonomy (Grevillea - Proteaceae; Muehlenbeckia - Polygonaceae; Astrotricha - Araliaceae)
  • Conservation botany (assessment and management of threatened species and ecosystems).
  • Herbarium curation and collections management


Taxonomy, Grevillea, Muehlenbeckia, Araliaceae, Astrotricha, plant conservation, threatened species, herbarium curation

Current research projects

  • Taxonomy of Grevillea (Proteaceae)
  • Taxonomy and phylogenetics of Astrotricha (Araliaceae)

Key publications

  • A directory of conservation-status listing processes for threatened Australian plant species and ecological communities. Australasian Plant Conservation 17(2): 2-33 (2008).
  • Chapter 5: Botanic Gardens and Conservation, [in] R. J. Henry (ed.), Plant Conservation Genetics. Haworth Press (2006).
  • Guidelines for the translocation of threatened plants in Australia. 2nd edition. Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc., Cnberra. (2004).
  • Flora of Australia vol. 17A (Proteaceae: Grevillea) (2000).
  • Grevillea - a taxonomic revision. Melbourne University Press (1993) [co-author with D.J. McGillivray].