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Karen Wilson AM


Senior Research Scientist


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Research interests

Systematics, anatomy, phylogeny and biogeography (Casuarinaceae, Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, Polygonaceae, especially in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Malesia); electronic publication and dissemination of systematics data (Species 2000 and ITIS Catalogue of Life); botanical history; botanical nomenclature


Casuarinaceae, Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, Polygonaceae, IOPI Global Plant Checklist, Species 2000, Catalogue of Life, Cariceae Working Group, General Committee for Nomenclature

Current research projects

  • Cyperaceae - Carpha, Caustis, Cyathochaeta, Lepidosperma, Tricostularia, Chorizandra, Cyperus, Schoenus, Rhynchospora, Eleocharis, Fimbristylis, Abildgaardia, Scleria, Uncinia - some of these jointly with Jeremy Bruhl (UNE) and students and other associates at UNE (Kerri Clarke, Kioumars Ghamkhar, Xiufu Zhang, John Hodgon, Adele Gibbs, Paul Musili, George Plunkett) and elsewhere (Russell Barrett - Perth; Tony Verboom, Muthama Muasya and associates - University of Cape Town; David Simpson - RBG Kew)
  • Cyperaceae - World revision of Carex (Cariceae Working Group) - see and
  • Casuarinaceae - Flora treatments for Malesia and New Caledonia (extension of projects with the late Lawrie Johnson)
  • Juncaceae - Revision of Australasian species and Flora of Australia treatment (extension of projects with the late Lawrie Johnson)
  • Polygonaceae - Revision of Muehlenbeckia in Australia - with Bob Makinson and Tanja Schuster
  • Polygonaceae - Flora of Australia treatment - with Gillian Perry and Bob Makinson - submitted but not yet published

Selected publications

  • J-A.Viljoen, A.M. Muasya, R.L. Barrett, J.J. Bruhl, A.K. Gibbs, J.A. Slingsby, K.L. Wilson, and G.A. Verboom (2013) Radiation and repeated transoceanic dispersal of Schoeneae (Cyperaceae) through the Southern Hemisphere. American J. Bot. 100 (12): 2494-2508. (view online)
  • G.T. Plunkett, K.L. Wilson and J.J. Bruhl (2013) Sedges in the mist: a new species of Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae, Schoeneae) from the mountains of Tasmania. PhytoKeys 28: 19-59. (view online)
  • R.L. Barrett and K.L. Wilson (2013) Two new species of Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae) occurring in the Perth area of Western Australia. Nuytsia 23: 173-187. (view pdf)
  • R.L. Barrett and K.L. Wilson (2012) A review of the genus Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae). Australian Systematic Botany 25(4): 225-294. (view online)
  • K.L. Wilson (2012) Report of the General Committee [of Nomenclature]. Taxon 61: 878-879. (view online)
  • T.M. Schuster, K.L. Wilson and K.A. Kron (2011) Phylogenetic relationships of Muehlenbeckia, Fallopia, and Reynoutria (Polygonaceae) investigated with chloroplast and nuclear sequence data. International Journal of Plant Science 172(8): 1053-1066. (view online)
  • K.L. Wilson (2011) New species of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) in Australia. Telopea 13: 295-312. (view pdf)
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