Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Barbara G. Briggs

Barbara Briggs BSc(Hons), PhD(Syd), PSM

Honorary Research Associate


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Research interests

  • Restionaceae - Phylogeny of Restionaceae, Centrolepidaceae and Anarthriaceae; Chromosome numbers in Australian Restionaceae; Description of & Seed morphology of Restionaceae; Flora of Australia.
  • Ecdeiocoleaceae - Description of Ecdeiocolea rigens; Epidermis morphology of Ecdeiocoleaceae leaves; Patterns of flowering in Ecdeiocoleaceae
  • Monocot Tree of Life
  • Hydatellaceae
  • Botanical talks to Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Volunteer Guides

Restionaceae Poales Ecdeiocoleaceae Ranunculus Veroniceae Proteaceae

Current research projects
Molecular phylogeny of 'core Poales' with Adam Marchant, Australian Restionaceae

Key publications

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