Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Bettye Rees

Bettye Rees BSc(Hons)(Qld), PhD(NSW)

Honorary Research Associate


61 2 9817 5978

As above after a preliminary phone call. If phone unattended, send anyway.

Research interests
Macrofungi especially Hebeloma (Cortinariaceae), macrofungal identification, research into taxonomy of Cortinariaceae

Macrofungi, mycorrhizas, Cortinariaceae

Current research projects

  • Research in association with Dr Edward Liew
  • Identification of macrofungi for Plant Pathology
  • Education (of others) in Identification of macrofungi to increase expertise in Australia

Key publications

  • Rees, B.J. Shepherd, V.A. and Ashford, A.E. (1994). Presence of a motile tubular vacuole system in different phyla of fungi. Mycological  Research 98, 985-992 .
  • Rees, B.J.  & Wood, A.E. (1996).  The genus Phaeocollybia in south-eastern Australia. Mycotaxon 57, 97-116.
  • Rees, B.J., Orlovich, D.A. & Marks, P.B.D. (1999). Treading the fine line between small-statured Gymnopilus and excentrically stipitate Galerina species in Australia. Mycological Research 103, 427-442.
  • Rees, B.J. & Ye, J.L. (1999). Pyrrhoglossum and the small-spored species of Gymnopilus in Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 12, 255-270.
  • Rees, B.J. & Strid, Å.(2001). Relationships between Australian and Northern Hemisphere Gymnopilus species I. Australasian Mycologist 20, 29-48.
  • Rees, B.J. Orlovich, D.A. & Zuccarello, G.C. (2002). Relationships between Australian and Northern Hemisphere Gymnopilus species II. A phylogeny of species of Gymnopilus and related genera based on internal transcribed spacer (ITS region) of ribosomal DNA. Mycotaxon, 84, 93-110.
  • Rees, B.J., Marchant, A. &  Zuccarello, G.C.(2004). A tale of two species - possible origins of red to purple-coloured Gymnopilus species in Europe. Australasian Mycologist 22(2): 57-72.