Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Helen Ramsay

Helen Ramsay MSc, PhD(Syd)

Honorary Research Associate


(02) 9869 1447

Research interests
Bryophytes (mosses)

Mosses, taxonomy, genetics, cytology, bryophytes

Current research projects

  • Checking the identity of names listed as TYPES for the genus Trematodon
  • Identifying and returning loans of Bryaceae from MEL
  • Checking specimens from Utrecht (Prof Ben van Zanten) and returning unrequired ones.
  • Identifying and checking specimens from Bryaceae, Orthotrichaceae and Sematophyllaceae
  • Possible collaborative project for publication

Key publications

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Chromosome studies

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FLORA of Australia – manuscripts completed and in press at ABRS

  • Ramsay, H.P., D.H. Vitt & J. Lewinsky-Hapaasori The family Orthotrichaceae.
  • Ramsay, H.P. & J.R. Spence. The family Bryaceae
  • Ramsay, H.P. Tan, B.C. & W.B. Schofield. The family Sematophyllaceae [the revision has been published ready for use.]
  • Ramsay, H.P.-Family Leptostomataceae.
  • Ramsay, H.P. with B. Allen - Family Dicnemonaceae.
  • Ramsay, H.P. Introduction to the Bryophytes (Mosses) Vol 51.
Helen Ramsay