Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Jocelyn Howell

Jocelyn Howell BPharm(Syd), BSc(Macq)

Honorary Research Associate

Current research projects

  • Seed and germination characteristics of Cumberland Plain Woodland native plant species
  • Assist in compilation of further information on the ecology of Sydney’s native plant species

Research interests
Seed dispersal, fire responses, animal-plant interactions, factors influencing recruitment of native species, weed biology

conservation, ecology, Sydney’s bushland, endangered species, weed invasion, fire responses

Key publications

  • Howell, Jocelyn (2003) Pittosporum undulatum as a case study for native species that change range – how to avoid inappropriate responses? Cunninghamia 8(4): 153-155.
  • Benson, Douglas & Howell, Jocelyn (2002) Cumberland Plain Woodland ecology then and now: interpretations and implications from the work of Robert Brown and others. Cunninghamia 7(4): 631-650.
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  • Howell, Jocelyn & Benson, Doug (2000) Predicting potential impacts of environmental flows on weedy riparian vegetation of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, south-eastern Australia. Austral Ecology 25(5): 463-475. 
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