Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Peter Michael

Peter Michael BAgSc(Hons); PhD(Adel)

Honorary Research Associate

(02) 9876 3307

(02) 9251 4403

Research interests
Weeds, their taxonomy, biology, distribution and history (especially of Oxalis), involving much library work.

Weeds, taxonomy, history

Current research projects

  • Revision of 1981 paper on Echinochloa (Poaceae)
  • Proper typification of Verbena litoralis in collaboration with Dr Barry Conn
  • Descriptions for publication of Eryngium (Apiaceae)
  • Conclusion of work on Onopordum Illyricum

Key publications

  • Michael, P.W. (2003) Echinochloa. In Flora of North America North of Mexico. Vol. 25: Magnoliophyta: Commelinidae (in part); Poaceae, part 2. Eds M.E. Barkworth, K.M. Capels, S. Long and M. Piep, pp. 390 and 392-403. Oxford University Press, New York.
  • Michael, P.W. (2001) Plant links between eastern Asia and eastern Australia. Weed Biology and Management 1: 157-163.
  • Michael, P.W. (1999) Eryngium. In Flora of Victoria, Vol. 4. Eds N.G. Walsh and T. Entwisle, pp. 260-263.
  • Sindel, B.M., Radford, I.J., Holtkamp, R.D. andP.W. Michael (1998) The biology of Australian weeds, 33: Senecio madagascariensis Poir. Plant Protection Quarterly 13: 2-15.
  • Michael, P.W. (1997) Notes on Verbena officinalis sensu stricto and V. macrostachya (Verbenaceae) with new combinations in two closely related taxa. Telopea 7: 293-297.