Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Tony Martin

Anthony Martin, BioTechCert, BioTechHigherCert, BAppSc(Riverina)

Honorary Research Associate


Current research projects

  • Member of 2016 Bicentenary Book Committee
  • Member of Margaret Flockton Award Committee
  • Participation in Oral History project - towards 2016
  • Member of Aviary Exhibition - researching the history of the aviary in the Garden from 1861 to 1939

Microscopy, Red Box Gallery


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Conference papers

  • Broadbent, P., Owen-Turner, J., Martin, A. B. and Indsto, J. Stem pitting of citrus by a strain of citrus tristeza virus exotic to Australian citrus. VII International Citrus Conference, Catania, Italy, 1992.
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