Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Carrick Chambers

Professor Emeritus Carrick Chambers AM, MSc(NZ & Melb), PhD(Syd), Hon.LLD(Melb), Hon.DSc(NSW), AHRIH

Honorary Research Associate


(02) 9231 8013

(02) 9241 2797

Research interests
Biogeography and taxonomy of the genera Blechnum, Pteridoblechnum, Stenochlaena and Brainea. Taxonomy of the genus Cheilanthes in the Australian region.

Blechnaceae, Blechnum, Stenochlaena

Current research projects
Monograph of the genus Blechnum on a worldwide basis.

Key publications

  • Chambers T.C. & P.A. Farrant (1996) Four subspecies of the fern Blechnum penna-marina (Blechnaceae: Pteridophyta). Fern Gazette 15(3): 91-100.
  • Chambers T.C. & P.A. Farrant (1996) Blechnum blechnoides (Bory) Keys (Blechnaceae), formerly B. banksii (Hook. f.) Mett. ex Diels, a fern from salt-spray habitats of New Zealand and Chile. New Zealand J. Bot. 34: 441-445.
  • Chambers T.C., Drinnan, A.N. & S. McLoughlin (1998) Some morphological features of Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis: Araucariaceae) and their comparison to Cretaceous plant fossils. Int. J. Plant Sci. 159(1): 160-171.
  • Chambers T.C. & P.A. Farrant (1998) Blechnaceae: Blechnum, Pteridoblechnum and Stenochlaena. Flora of Australia 48: 359-384.
  • Chambers T.C. & P.A. Farrant (1998) The Blechnum procerum ('capense') (Blechnaceae) complex in New Zealand. N.Z. J. Bot. 36: 1-19.
  • Chambers T.C. & P.A. Farrant (2001) Revision of Blechnum (Blechnaceae) in Malesia. Blumea 46:283-350.