Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Christopher Quinn

Christopher Quinn BSc (Hons)(Tas); PhD (Auk)

Honorary Research Associate


(02) 9231 8013

(02) 92514403

Current research projects

  • Continuance of collaboration with Dr David Albrecht, NT Herbarium, to complete revision of generic concepts in the Oligarrheneae and the Monotoca clade of Styphelieae

Research interests
Systematics of Styphelioideae; Vittadinia complex, Astereae; Chamelaucium alliance, Myrtaceae; Conifers

Systematics, Phylogeny, Morphology    

Key publications

  • Cross, E. C., Quinn, C. J. and Wagstaff, S. J. 2002. Molecular evidence for the polyphyly of Olearia (Astereae: Asteraceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 235:99-120.
  • Gadek, P.A., Alpers, D.L. Heslewood, M.M. and Quinn, C.J. 2000. Relationships within Cupressaceae sensu lato: a combined morphological and molecular approach. American Journal of Botany 87(7): 1044-1057.
  • Kron, K. A., Judd, W. S., Stephens, P. F., Crayn, D. M., Anderberg, A. A., Gadek, P. A., Quinn, C. J. and Luteyn, J. L. 2002. A phylogenetic classification of Ericaceae: molecular and morphological evidence. Botanical Review 68: 335-423.
  • Lowrey, T. K., Quinn, C. J., Taylor, R. K., Chan, R., Kimball, R. and De Nardi, J. C. 2001. Molecular and morphological reassessment of relationships within the Vittadinia group of Astereae (Asteraceae). American Journal of Botany 88(7): 1279-1289.
  • Quinn, C. J., Price, R. A. and Gadek, P. A. 2002. Familial concepts and relationships in the conifers based on rbcL and matK sequence comparisons. Kew Bulletin 57(3): 513-531
  • Quinn, C.J., Crayn, D.M., Heslewood, M.M., Brown, E.A. and Gadek, P.A. 2003. A molecular estimate of the phylogeny of Styphelieae (Ericaceae). Australian Systematic Botany 16: 581-594.
  • Quinn, C.J., Brown, E.A., Heslewood, M.M. and Crayn, D.M. 2005. Generic concepts in Styphelieae (Ericaceae): The Cyathodes group. Australian Systematic Botany 18: 439-454.
  • Wilson, P. G., Heslewood, M., and Quinn, C. J. 2007. Re-evaluation of the genus Babingtonia (Myrtaceae) in eastern Australia and New Caledonia. Australian Systematic Botany 20: 302-318.
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