Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Robert Kooyman

Robert Kooyman Grad. Cert. For. Sci. (Melb. U.), MSc (UNE), PhD (Macq. U.)

Honorary Research Associate


61 2 6684 2806

Research interests
Evolutionary ecology, community ecology, palaeobotany, community phylogenetics, biogeography, rainforest botany and ecology, plant functional traits and environmental gradients

botany, ecology, evolution, traits, environmental factors, community assembly, community phylogenetic structure

Current research projects

  • Research into Australian rainforest history and distribution using multiple measures of phylogenetic and functional diversity at continental scales.
  • Evolutionary ecology of Australian rainforest using genetic methods developed by Evolution and Ecology section of Science and Public Programs branch of the National Herbarium of NSW, Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust.
  • Gondwanan rainforests; palaeo- and neo- community assembly and ecology.
  • Dispersal based community assembly and the impacts of rainforest fragmentation.

Key publications

Refereed journal articles

  • Kooyman, R.M., Rossetto M., Sauquet, H. and Laffan, S.W. (2013a accepted) Landscape patterns in rainforest phylogenetic signal: isolated islands of refugia or structured continental distributions? Plos One
  • Kooyman, R.M., Zanne, A., Gallagher, R.V., Cornwell, W., Rossetto, M., O’Connor, P., Parkes, E.A., Catterall, C.F., Laffan, S.W. and Lusk, C.H.  (2013b) Effects of growth form and functional traits on response of woody plants to fragmentation of subtropical rain forest. Conservation Biology (on-line early)
  • Kooyman, R.M. (2012) Traits and gradients influence canopy position of small-statured rain forest trees. Australian Journal of Botany 60: 735-742.
  • Kooyman, R.M., Rossetto, M. and Laffan, S.I. (2012) Using Australian Virtual Herbarium data to find all the woody rain forest plants in Australia. Cunninghamia 12(3): 177-180.
  • Kooyman, R.M., Rossetto, M., Allen, C. and Cornwell, W. (2012) Australian tropical and sub-tropical rainforest: phylogeny, functional biogeography and environmental gradients. Biotropica 44(5): 668-679.
  • Kooyman, R.M., Rossetto, M., Cornwell, W. and Westoby, M. (2011) Phylogenetic tests of community assembly across regional to continental scales in tropical and sub-tropical rainforests. Global Ecology and Biogeography 20: 707-716.
  • Lusk, C.H., Sendall, K. and Kooyman, R. (2011) Latitude, solar elevation angles, and gap-regenerating rainforest pioneers. Journal of Ecology 99: 491-502.
  • Kooyman, R.M., Cornwell, W. and Westoby, M. (2010) Plant functional traits in Australian sub-tropical rain forest: partitioning within community from cross-landscape variation. Journal of Ecology 98: 517-525.
  • Lusk, C.H., Onoda, Y., Kooyman, R.M. and Gutie´rrez-Giro´n, A. (2010). Reconciling species-level vs plastic responses of evergreen leaf structure to light gradients: shade leaves punch above their weight. New Phytologist doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2010.03202.x
  • Kooyman, R.M. and Westoby, M. (2009) Costs of height gain in rainforest saplings: main stem scaling, functional traits and strategy variation across 75 species. Annals of Botany 104: 987-993.
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  • Kooyman, R.M. and Rossetto, M. (2008) Definition of plant functional groups for informing implementation scenarios in resource-limited multi-species recovery planning. Biodiversity and Conservation 17: 2917-2937.
  • Maynard, D., Crayn, D., Rossetto, M., Kooyman, R. and Coode, M. (2008) Elaeocarpus sedentarius sp. nov. (Elaeocarpaceae) - morphometric analysis of a new, rare species from eastern Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 21: 192-200.
  • Rossetto, M., Kooyman, R.M., Sherwin, W. and Jones, R. (2008) Dispersal limitations rather than bottlenecks or habitat specificity can restrict the distribution of rare and endemic rainforest trees. American Journal of Botany 95: 321-329.
  • Kooyman, R.M. and Rossetto, M. (2006) Factors influencing species selection for littoral rainforest restoration: Do environmental gradients matter? Ecological Restoration and Management 7: 113-122.
  • Kariuki, M., Rolfe, M., Smith, R.G.B., Vanclay, J.K. and Kooyman, R.M. (2006) Diameter growth performance varies with species functional-group and habitat characteristics in subtropical rainforests. Forest Ecology and Management 225: 1-14.
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  • Weston, P. and Kooyman, R.M. (2002a) Systematics of Eidothea (Proteaceae), with the description of a new species, Eidothea hardeniana, from the Nightcap Range, north-eastern New South Wales. Telopea 9: 821-832.
    Weston, P. and Kooyman, R.M. (2002b) Eidothea hardeniana: botany and ecology of the ‘Nightcap Oak’. Australian Plants 21: 342-344.

Journal articles currently in review

  • Cornwell, W.K., Westoby, M., Falster, D.S., FitzJohn, R.G., O’Meara, B.C., McGlinn, D.J., Eastman, J.M., Moles, A.T., Reich, P.B., Tank, D.C., Wright, I.J., Aarssen, L., Beaulieu, J.M., Kooyman, R.M., Leishman, M.R., Niinemets, Ü., Oleksyn, J., Ordonez, A., Pennell, M.W., Royer, D.L., Smith, S.A., Stevens, P.F., Warman, L., Wilf,  P., Maherali, Miller, E.T. and Amy E. Zanne (2013 in review) Functional distinctiveness of major plant lineages.
  • Wilf, P., Escapa, I.H., Rubén Cúneo, N., Kooyman, R.M. and Johnson, K.R. (2013 in review) First South American Agathis (Araucariaceae), Eocene of Patagonia.

Scholarly book chapters

  • Rossetto, M. and Kooyman, R.M. (2011) Predicting distributions by analysing evolutionary, functional and environmental information - a review of population genetic studies on the Australian rainforest flora. In: (ed. J.A. Daniels) Chapter 11, Advances in Environmental Research, Volume 9. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 305-322.
  • Kanowski, J., Kooyman, R.M. and Catterall, C.P. (2009) Dynamics and restoration of Australian subtropical and tropical rainforests. In: (eds. R. Hobbs and K. Suding) New Models for Ecosystem Dynamics and Restoration. Island Press. Washington DC. USA.