Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Research students

James Clugston - Exploring new approaches for conservation genetics of the genus Cycas L. (Cycadaceae) in Australia.

Frances Elliot - Extent of clonality and taxonomic relationships in Davidsonia (Cunoniaceae)

Nathan Emery - Framing a semi-mechanistic model: how will plant populations respond to climate change?

Sarah Fayed - Phylogeny and pollination biology of Helicia (Proteaceae)

Allison Frith - Restoration of endangered grasslands, the role of seed production areas

Kerry Gibbons - Phylogeny and biogeography of Mitrasacme s. lat. (Loganiaceae)

Abigail Greenfield - cpDNA diversity in Wollemia nobilis 

Melita Milner (nee Baum) - Evolutionary patterns across the landscape in Telopea and Lomatia

Paul Musili - Systematics studies in Schoenus L. (Schoeneae, Cyperaceae)

Huy Chung Nguyen - Circumscription of Iand Merrillia (Sapindales: Rutaceae: Aurantioideae) and susceptibility of species and forms to huanglongbing

George Plunkett - Studies in Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae)

Victor Puno - Fusarium wilt of watermelon 

Zoe Reynolds - Phylogenetic, taxonomic and functional turnover among Proteaceae assemblages

Susan Rutherford - Eucalypts: adaptive variation versus vicariance