Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

About us

Senior Staff - Management Group

Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands

Members of Executive

Executive Director
Kim Ellis

Deputy Executive Director, Director of Science and Conservation
Dr Brett Summerell

Director of Horticultural Operations
Jimmy Turner

Director Visitor Experience
Anthony Dunsford

Director Corporate Services and Governance
Margaret Jones

Director Strategic Planning and Projects
Raelene Lockhorst

Director Sport and Recreation
Ed Sanderson


Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Managers

Manager Sponsorship
Joanna Allwood

Manager Philanthropy
Caterina Savoca

Manager Community and Education Programs
Relle Mott

Manager Volunteer Programs
Donna Osland

Manager Business Services
Denis Gatley

Manager Design and Editorial Services
Gary Bridle

Managers Public Affairs and Community Relations
Karla Davies

Financial Accountant
Paul Watkins (Acting)

Manager Collections
Gillian Towler (Acting)

Manager Evolutionary Ecology
Dr Maurizio Rossetto

Manager Plant Diversity
Dr Marco Duretto

Manager Plant Pathology
Dr Edward Liew

Manager Horticulture Research
Cathy Offord

The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Curator Manager Royal Botanic Garden
Dr Dale Dixon

Manager Domain and Infrastructure
Gary Hinchliffe (Acting)

Manager Events
Josh Engelbrecht

Manager Garden Shop & Visitor Centre, Sydney
Sam Kourouche

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah

Curator Manager Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Greg Bourke

Coordinator, Natural Areas and Arboriculture
Greg Martin (Acting)

Coordinator, Ornamental Horticulture and Design
Michael Carle

Coordinator, Woodlands and Turf
Alexia Hill

Senior Supervisor, Garden Services
Jenny Praszczalek (Acting)

Manager, Visitor Services & Marketing
Louise Clifton

Coordinator, Functions & Events
Kristen Winder

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan

Curator Manager Australian Botanic Garden
John Siemon

Manager Horticulture
Daniel Bishop

Manager Technical and Administrative Services
Geoff Duggan (Acting)

Manager Natural Heritage
Peter Cuneo

Manager, Marketing and Visitor Centre
Rebecca Anderson (Acting)

Australian Botanic Garden

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Contact us

Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquaries Road Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: 02 9231 8111
24 hour ranger support (only call in event of emergency): 0419 270 279
Fax: 02-9251 4403
(International code +61 2)


The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan
Narellan Road, Mount Annan NSW 2567,  Australia
Phone: 02 4634 7900
24 hour ranger support (only call in event of emergency): 0409 122 953
Fax: 02 4645 6035
(International code +61 2)


Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Bells Line of Road via Bilpin NSW 2758, Australia
Phone: 02 4567 3000
24 hour ranger support (only call in event of emergency): 0428 118 563 
Fax: 02 4567 2037
(International code +61 2)


Other contact emails

General enquiries, compliments or complaints
Horticultural information - please note: we do NOT provide gardening advice
Botanical information
Venue bookings information
Volunteering information
Media enquiries - or phone 9231 8004
Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation and Friends - see email contacts listed
Funding partners - see email contacts listed
Individual giving - see email contacts listed

Event Sound Hotline

Operational during event sound checks and event times: (02) 9231 8330

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