Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Australian Botanic Garden

Beth McAnoy 

Beth was born and educated in Melbourne. Beth started a school for budding florists and went on to become one of Melbourne’s leading wedding and function coordinators. While managing the bridal and function department of Flowers Vasette, brides’ requests for paintings of their wedding bouquets led Beth down the path of true botanical painting. Not satisfied with a simple watercolour, it was this transition to the finer art form of botanicals that led her to become a student of Jenny Phillips at the Botanical Art School of Melbourne. 

Beth enjoys the challenge of large projects. Her works are represented in many editions of the National Trust Diary, also the National Library of Victoria, the Florilegium, Government House Melbourne, and her works are included in private collection in the UK and USA and throughout Australia and New Zealand. Beth has solo exhibited at the Villa Mulberry. Her time is spent preparing for her next exhibitions and commissions.

Hydrangea macrophylla
1150 x 840 mm