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Acacia amblygona 'Winter Gold' 

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - July

Common name Acacia amblygona 'Winter Gold'
Scientific name Acacia amblygona
Family  Fabaceae - Mimosoideae

Genus: From Greek akakia, the name of Acacia arabica, of tropical Africa and Western Asia (from akis, a sharp point, as this is a spiny species).

Species: obtuse angled.

Distribution Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.
Native habitat It occurs naturally on inland slopes and ranges, frequently in shallow stony soils.
Description Acacia amblygona is a low spreading shrub with dark green prickly foliage.
Flowering/fruiting Bright yellow ball flowers.


Winter Gold is planted in our Central Carpark, at Lakeside and in the Wattle Garden. 


In cultivation it prefers abundant sunlight on well-drained soils. The cultivar Winter Gold is a dense, prostrate form which originated in the Brisbane area. It is an excellent ground cover and the abundant flowers provide pools of winter sunshine in the darkest months of winter. 

Acacia Wintergold

Acacia Winter Gold