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Alloxylon flammeum

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - December

Common name tree waratah
Scientific name Alloxylon flammeum P.H. Weston & Crisp
Family  Proteaceae

Genus: Greek allos, another or foreign; xylon, meaning wood or tree.

Species: Latin, flammeus, flame-coloured or fiery red.

Distribution In the wild, it is restricted to the Atherton Tableland in north-eastern Queensland.
Native habitat Grows in deep red-brown loams in rainforest.

A small to medium tree with a dense, bushy canopy.

Flowering/fruiting Large bright orange-red flowers in late spring to early summer.

Location in Garden

You can see this glorious tree in Beds 3 and 16 in the Connections Garden.


If you like the look of waratahs but find them too difficult to grow, then this is another option. You’ll need a bit more room to plant it, but once established this tree will give you masses of showy flowers at the same time of year as the waratah. It grows well as far south as southern Victoria and likes cool, moist, humid climates - although it’s doing well here at Mount Annan.

When established, plants are tolerant of moderate frosts and will withstand full sun. They appreciate a good mulch and watering during dry periods.


Alloxylon flammeum

Alloxylon flammeum

Alloxylon flammeum