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Callistemon sp. (Injune)

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - March

Common name Injune bottlebrush
Scientific name Callistemon sp. (Injune)
Family  Myrtaceae

Genus: Greek, kalos, beauty; stemon, stamen. Literally beautiful stamens.

Species: Found near Injune, Queensland

Distribution Occurring on the heavy black soils around Injune, in southern central Queensland,
Native habitat Occurs along watercourses or on seasonally inundated low-lying floodplains.
Description Small, very pretty and abundantly flowering bottlebrush with flowers which age from deep pink to almost white.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers in late spring with an occasional autumn flush.

Location in Garden

Growing en masse in Bed 103 in the Big Idea Garden.


Callistemon sp. (Injune) is hardy in most soils and prefers full sun for good flowering. Although this species has a beautiful flower, it only flowers for a short period of time - perhaps 2-3 weeks a year. 

Callistemon sp. (Injune)

Callistemon sp. (Injune)

Callistemon sp. (Injune)