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Crowea exalata

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - March

Common name small crowea
Scientific name Crowea exalata F.Muell.
Family  Rutaceae

Genus: Named after James Crowe, 1750-1807, F.L.S., a surgeon who studied mosses, fungi and willows

Species: Latin, ex, without; alatus, wings. Referring to the lack of ridges on the stems - this is not a definitive characteristic.

Distribution The coast and ranges of Queensland south to Victoria.
Native habitat Open forests and woodlands.
Description A small, variable plant ranging from almost prostrate forms to shrubs up to a metre or more high. Flowers usually range from pale to mid pink in colour although white forms are known.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers appear in late summer through to mid winter.

Location in Garden

This species can be seen in the Big Idea Garden and also at Lakeside around the amenity block.


The form on display at Mount Annan is a dwarf to small shrub which is widely cultivated for its lovely pink flowers, extended flowering period and adaptability. It will grow in most relatively well-drained soils, does best in dappled shade or part sun, is frost tolerant and is also a good container plant. 


Crowea exalata