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Here you will find helpful information for school lessons and projects, as well as some fun stuff.

  • Indigenous people of Sydney - the storyline in our Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters garden display tells all about the history of Aboriginal people of the Sydney region, from an Indigenous perspective - from the ‘invasion’ in 1788 through domination, survival and dreaming, to the present day.
  • Aboriginal bush foods - information on food plants used by the local Indigenous people.
  • Bush foods of NSW  - botanic records and an Aboriginal oral history.
  • Dharawal indigenous plant names and pronunciations - indigenous names of local plants.
  • Contact - First encounters: 1788 (pdf file) - information about early encounters between the Cadigal and European settlers used for a site study at the Royal Botanic Garden and Museum of Sydney.
  • Plants of Sydney - info on some of the plants in the Sydney area, with links to some of our fact sheets and other kool links.
  • Rainforests - Australian rainforests, where to see rainforest plants in the Gardens, plus some kool links.
  • Superscience - the answers to all sorts of questions asked by primary and secondary school kids in our ‘Ask a scientist’ program, plus links to some of the hot topics that our scientists are working on at the moment, and kool links to other science spots on the web.
  • Big Answers to Big Questions - resources resulting from an exciting program of events held from 1 March to 30 September 2005, when we highlight three contentious issues: sustainable water use, heritage treescapes and genetic modification.
  • Kids Zone - for fun stuff

We have lots of information on the Wollemi Pine, the Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland, Grey-headed Flying Foxes and Aboriginal bush foods.


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