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Big Answers to Big Questions

Big Answers to Big Questions was an extensive public program about water, heritage landscapes and genetically modified organisms held at the Royal Botanic Garden from March to August 2005. It was funded through a grant from the Environmental Trust.

BABQ aimed to present new perspectives and give everyone the chance to contribute to informed debate. Here you can view or print the self-guided walks through the Botanic Garden.

Water ... priceless or free?

Urban Trees ... Yours, mine or future generations'?

  • Tree Truths - a self-guided walk through the Royal Botanic Garden

Big Answers to Big Questions was funded by a $50,000 grant from the NSW Environmental Trust. Click here to view the Trust's case study of the project.


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Michael Mobbs at the first Domain Debate
Michael Mobbs on the soapbox at the first Domain Debate.

People enjoy the first Domain Debate.
Visitors enjoying the first Domain Debate.