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Garden of Eden: water-wise garden display

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Eden Gardens & Garden Centres through its alliance with the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust designed and constructed a 'Water-wise Garden' which was on display at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, during March and April 2005.

The Waterwise Garden was designed by Kristy Mayhew, a horticulturist from Eden Gardens and constructed to coincide with the ‘Water - Priceless or Free?’ component of the Big Answers to Big Questions program.

The Garden featured three stunning garden designs showing various water saving strategies and used plants with low water needs. For more information about each garden design, click on the links below:

Water-saving tips for your home garden:

  • Select plant varieties with low water needs
  • Only water plants when necessary
  • Group plants with similar water requirements
  • Add water retention products, such as water crystals, to soil and potting mix and increase soil water holding ability by adding soil conditioners and organic matter
  • Always mulch around plants and pots
  • Control weeds that compete with other plants for water
  • Reduce lawn areas and replace with groundcovers with low water needs or hard materials such as gravel or paving

Eden Gardens and Garden Centres Sydney store in North Ryde  is an innovative horticultural centre which combines beautiful display gardens, cafe, garden centre, bookshop, giftshop and much more.

All plants and products used in the Water-wise Garden are available from Eden Gardens (corner Lane Cove and Fontenoy Rds North Ryde. Ph. 94919900). Information and advice on waterwise gardening can be obtained from the horticultural staff at Eden Gardens. Click here for more on Horticulture courses at Eden Education.




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