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Banksia species


Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander collected the first banksia specimens in Australia in April 1770 after landing at Botany Bay with Captain Cook.


There are 72 known species of Banksia, all of which occur in Australia. All are woody, evergreen plants ranging in shape from shrubs growing along the ground to trees up to 25 m tall. The leaves are usually hard and leaathery.

Where it is found

In New South Wales, banksias occur along the coast and tablelands and grow in a variety of environments except for coastal rainforests and the arid far west of the state. In most cases, banksias grow in well-drained areas such as exposed coastal soils on sand-dunes or on headlands. Other banksias occur on very dry sand plains.


  • Sweet nectar can by sucked out of the flowers or shaken onto your hand and licked off, or the flower spikes can be soaked in water.
  • Banksias were used to carry fire because the smouldering cones could be carried for long distances.

Further information

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Banksia integrifolia
Banksia integrifolia, photographed at Bradleys Head, Sydney, was known to Eora people as courriddjah.

Banksia ericifolia: flower spike, habit, cones.