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Dianella species


Blue Flax Lilies


There are 15 species of Dianella found across Australia. These hardy plants have blue berries containing shiny black seeds. The blue, purple or white star-shaped flowers have six yellow, thickened stamens. Flowers appear in spring through summer.

Where it is found

These plants are found in all States, in a variety of habitats from heath to open forests and woodlands. In New South Wales the lilies grown all along the coast and inland on the tablelands to the far south-western plains.


  • The attractive blue fruits and shiny black seeds of most Dianella species are eaten raw. They have a sweet flavour, which becomes nutty once the seed is chewed.
  • The roots of some of these lilies can be eaten after pounding and roasting.
  • A strong fibre for string was made from leaf fibres of some species (Maiden 1889).

Further information

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Dianella caerulea
The sweet blue fruits of the Blue Flax Lily (Dianella caerulea) are edible, as are its roots.

Dianella caerulea: habit, flowers.