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Eupomatia laurina


Bolwarra or Native Guava


This small tree has black branches that grow more than 1 m long. Pale, heavily scented flowers have no petals or sepals and appear in summer. The urn-shaped berry is 15-20 mm in diameter and turns from green to brown through winter.

Where it is found

Bolwarra is widespread in or near warmer rainforest and moist eucalypt forest on the coast and lower ranges. In New South Wales it is found on the coast and tablelands. It also occurs in Queensland, Victoria and New Guinea.


  • Bolwarra berries have an interesting taste with soft, sweet flesh and strong, spicy seeds. The whole fruit can be dried, crushed and used to flavour foods such as ice-cream.
  • The fibrous bark was used as raw material for manufacturing fishing lines (Turbet 1989). The bark was prepared in the same way as that describe for Eucalyptus agglomerata.

Further information

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Eupomatia laurina
These sweet fruits of the Bolwarra (Eupomatia laurina) are as big as an infant's fist.

Eupomatia laurina: leaves and fruit, habit, flower, fruit.