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Gahnia aspera




Gahnia, which grows 15-65 cm tall, has long, grass-like leaves with sharp, saw-edged margins. The attractive flower spike is dark brown to black, and after flowering bears shiny, dark, red-brown seeds.

Where it is found

This sedge is a widespread plant in the direr parts of rainforest, open forest and woodland. It is found on the coast, tablelands, western slopes and plains of New South Wales and also in Queensland, Malaysia, Indonesia and Polynesia.


  • The seeds are pounded to produce flour.
  • The leaf bases are edible.

Further information

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Gahnia aspera
Seeds and leaf bases of the Saw-sedge (Gahnia aspera) are edible. Wathc out for the sharp leaf margins. Photo: Tony Rodd.

Gahnia aspera: leaves and flowers, seed, habit.