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Tetragonia tetragonioides


New Zealand Spinahc or Warrigal Greens or Warrigal Cabbage


The stems and leaves of this spreading herb are covered with small, glistening, liquid-filled blisters. Its small, yellow flowers appear from August to December. Numerous small seeds are housed in woody, winged fruits which are dispersed by both wind and water.

Where it is found

This herb occurs along margins of salt marshes and in protected sites along the coast. It is found in all parts of New South Wales and across Australia.


  • The young shoots can be eaten as a green vegetable, cooked or raw.
  • Captain James Cook found the plant growing in New Zealand and fed it to his crew as a fresh vegetable to help prevent scurvy. Sir Joseph Banks took seeds back to England, where the plant became a popular summer vegetable.

Further information

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Tetragonia tetragonioides
The delicious green vegetable New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia tetragonioides).

Tetragonia tetragonioides: leaves and fruit, habit.