Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


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  • The 'Bush Foods' book was jointly funded by the NSW Environmental Trusts and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney.
  • Authors: Kathy Stewart & Bob Percival
  • Contributors: Beryl Carmichael - Aboriginal Cultural Studies Advisor to Schools and Communiteis in the Broken Hill area; Ruth Simms - born in Sydney and grew up on the Reserve at la Perouse, she remembers a happy childhood and teenage life of community-based living; Barbara Timbery - an active member of her coastal community and regarded highly as an Elder by all who know her.
  • Thanks to: Noila Berglund (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney), Duncan Sutherland (NSW Board of Studies), and from the National Herbarium of NSW: Marianne Porteners, Surrey Jacobs, Gwen Harden, Ken Hill, John Benson, and  Plant Identification Service staff, Kate Merrifield, Kathy Prokhovnik, Anne Jeeves.
  • Illustrator: David Mackay.
  • Cover painting: Elaine Russell
  • Photographs: Jaime Plaza, unless otherwise indicated
  • Aboriginal language maps: NSW - Land Information Centre, Sydney - Willmott, Eric. Pemulwuy, Weldons.


Bush Foods cover

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