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First Farm puzzles

Captain Arthur Phillip sailed into Botany Bay after a voyage of nine months. He found Botany Bay unsuitable for settlement and went to investigate Port Jackson. He selected Sydney Cove as being most suitable with its deep water frontage and freshwater streams. On 26 January 1788 all 11 ships of the First fleet sailed from Botany Bay and anchored in Sydney Cove. A gun salute marked the beginning of white settlement in this country.

We celebrate 26 January as Australia Day.

Governor Phillip originally intended to retain the land from Woolloomooloo Bay to Cockle Bay (Darling Harbour) as his own Domain. He allowed buildings on the western side of the Tank Stream but was able to keep the land on the eastern side for his own use. This land was cleared except for a few saplings and the Governor ordered the planting of ‘Nine acres in corn’ on the land which was later to become the first botanic garden in Australia.

Important dates

  • 1788 - Local Aboriginal population approximately 3000 (for school project information see the section on Indigenous people of Sydney)
  • 18 January 1788 - Captain Arthur Phillip landed at Botany Bay with 11 ships carrying 1487 passengers, of which 759 were convicts
  • 24 January 1788 - La Perouse entered Botany Bay
  • 26 January 1788 - First Fleet landed at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson
  • 3 February 1788 - First church service in the colony held under a large tree

The First Fleet brought their own food with them. They cleared the land and planted a farm where the Royal Botanic Garden is now. Of the many different food plants brought to Australia, 37 are hidden in this word maze. Can you find them?

Word maze

Complete the crossword and you will find what animals were brought on the First Fleet



1. Provides milk, leather, eats anything
3. Can hop, good to eat, a pest
8. We can ride on these animals
9. Birds that swim on ponds
11. Provide meat and wool


1. More than one goose
2. These birds say ‘gobble gobble’
3. Male cattle
5. Provide pork, ham and bacon
6. Governor Phillip’s two pets
7. Provide milk
10. Provide eggs

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney