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Plant perfumes

When you visit the Royal Botanic Garden see how many of the herbs used in this potpourr recipe can you find in our Herb Garden. Smell the herbs.

Here is a recipe which you could try at home using dried herbs and flowers - use a small handful of each ingredient.

Herb & flower potpourri

  • rose petals
  • lavender flowers
  • flowers from herbs such as oregano, marjorum or rosemary
  • culinary thyme
  • tarragon leaves
  • woodruff leaves
  • lemon verbena leaves
  • rosemary leaves

Mix all these well with your hands and put in a bowl or small cloth bag.

How to smell the herb leaves

Gently press a leaf between your thumb and finger and smell the scent left on your fingers. Remember plants rule (OK) in botanic garden - so don’t pick the plants!

Try to complete the herb names and the other half of the drawings.

plant perfumes 

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney