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Plants of Sydney

The sandstone rocks and Forest Red Gums in the Royal Botanic Garden are reminders of the woodland that once covered the area. Emus, kangaroos and possums as well as bats and birds used the woodland to cater for all their needs. Plants that are common in this type of community include wattles, banksias, cabbage tree palms, rock lillies and ferns.


Banksias are woody evergreen plants ranging in shape from shrubs growing along the ground to trees up to 25 m. Birds, small mammals or insects can pollinate banksia flowers. After fire some banksias regenerate from a lignotuber (a woody swelling at the base of the stem) while other species are killed and regenerate from seed. Sweet nectar can be sucked out of the flowers.

Cabbage Tree Palm

This beautiful palm grows up to 30 m high and is crowned with shiny leaves 3-4.5 m long.

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Kool Links

Some of Sydney’s schools have created outstanding sites providing information about the plants in their local area.


Cabbage Tree Palm