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Subtropical rainforests

Tall stands of Subtropical Rainforest occur from the cooler uplands of northern Queensland to the lowlands of the New South Wales coast. They are best developed in environments with both fertile soils and high rainfall. Because they share many species and characteristics in common, there is no clear-cut boundary between Tropical and Subtropical Rainforests. In general, the latter community has less of everything that is typically found in Tropical Rainforests. One major difference is that a smaller number of tree species form the canopy of Subtropical Rainforests, contrasting with the great range of species in Tropical Rainforests.

Characteristic features of subtropical rainforests include:

  • mixed composition of many tree species with no obvious domination by any one species
  • trees of large to medium size with a range of leaf forms
  • palms, strangler figs, buttressed trunks, large vines and large epiphytes common and diverse

Subtropical rainforests
Features of Subtropical Rainforests