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Community Greening 

helping people to garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust has a commitment to take its expertise ‘beyond the garden walls’ and serve the broader community through innovative outreach programs.

To meet this objective the Community Education Unit has forged strong links with communities in need who have established or who are interested in establishing their own communal garden projects.

In 1999 the Trust joined with Housing New South Wales to establish a partnership called ‘Community Greening’. ‘Community Greening’ is the name for a range of activities to promote communal garden projects undertaken by the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust and Housing New South Wales together. By promoting communal gardening in social housing communities, and on nearby locations, we make a significant contribution to improved social cohesion, crime reduction and public health in both urban and regional New South Wales.

Thanks to financial support of Housing New South Wales,  the Trust employs full time education horticulturists on the ‘Community Greening’ program, who work with the Housing New South Wales Community and Tenant Participant Programs Unit and Regional Coordinators. Currently there are in excess of 200 communities participating in the development or establishment of gardens in social housing communities, on local Council land, in the grounds of churches, hospitals and schools throughout New South Wales.

‘Community Greening’ also has its own dedicated vehicles - to allow us to pick up and drop off materials from many  generous supporters who contribute seeds, plants, landscape materials for use by community groups.  These include the Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Eden Gardens, Oasis Horticulture, Yates Horticulture, Alpine Nurseries, Northcote Pottery, Edibleplantscapes, Twigz and Camerons Nurseries.

By their very nature, community gardens depend upon local communities to provide resources and support.

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Youth Community Greening

Youth Community Greening is an environmental education program targeting disadvantaged urban & rural youth.

You can help by:

 Providing sponsorship
 Providing plants
 Providing landscape materials
 Providing time - volunteers are always needed, no experience necessary

If you want to set up a community garden in your own neighbourhood:

At this point in time our resource are limited and we concentrate all our efforts on supporting those communities with the greatest need and the highest level of disadvantage. However, you might consider the following hints to getting started:

  • determine the degree of interest existing within your local community and, if necessary, investigate ways of stimulating further interest.
  • locate a suitable site. Find out who owns it, outline the project and seek approval to use the site.
  • come up with a design for the garden.
  • seek assistance from relevant authorities such as your Local Council or Landcare group.

Click here to view the Community Greening Evaluation Report.

To find out more contact the Community Greening Coordinator on 9231 8399 or fax 9231 8388 or visit, or download the Housing NSW community gardens pdf.

Click here to find out about City of Sydney Community Gardens.




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