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Secondary - lessons in the Gardens

Botanic gardens are special places where students come close to nature, experience its abundance and complexity and learn how to care for it. All lessons are closely linked to the Australian curriculum outcomes and are conducted by highly experienced Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust education staff. 

Lessons are held at one or more of the three Gardens:


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plant classification

Plant Classification

Discover the similarities and differences between major plant groups and identify them using a simple key.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Australian Botanic Garden

  •  Stage 4 Science
  •  SC - 14LW


Botanic Gardens are a perfect site for a full day of maths. We involve you in a range of numerical and geometric observations, measurements and calculations. Full-day workshop.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Australian Botanic Garden

  •  Stage 4 Maths

Bush Foods

Aboriginal educators provide an Aboriginal perspective on living with and from, the bush. Taste 'bush tucker' and adapt recipes to include native ingredients.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

>> Click here for a general overview of Aboriginal heritage at Sydney's Botanic Gardens 

  • Stage 5 Food Technology
  • Aboriginal Studies


Be a convict and local Cadigal kid at the sites of the First Farm and Cadi Garden in Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden (a full-day workshop when combined with the Contact program of the Museum of Sydney).

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

>> Click here for a general overview of Aboriginal heritage at Sydney's Botanic Gardens 

>> Click here for information about early encounters between the Cadigal and European settlers - used for a site study at the Royal Botanic Garden and Museum of Sydney.

  • Stage 4 History
  • Aboriginal Studies

investigating history

Investigating History - site studies at the Garden

Mystery of the Missing Palace
Explore the site of the Garden Palace to discover the size, use and demise of this large exhibition building. Through historical inquiry unravel the mystery of the great fire by examining extant remains on the site and beyond.

Choose your Hat!
Become a scientist, settler or farmer on the site of Australia’s First Farm and oldest scientific institution. Interpret the site using primary and secondary sources to discover changes in land use and societal values.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

  • Stage 4 & 5 History

Australian biota

Australian biota

Australian Biota Study Day

Presented by the Australian Museum, Taronga Zoo and Botanic Garden

Three excursions in one and the opportunity to explore 165 million years of Australia's evolution. Students compare extinct and extant species; discover pollination mechanisms and coevolution and observe adaptations of flora and fauna to a drying continent. At the Royal Botanic Garden, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and Australian Botanic Garden, Western Plains Zoo and North Coast Botanic Garden, Coffs Harbour.

Click here for more information about Evolution of Australian Biota Study Days

Biota Study Days (Evolution of Australian Biota)

Sydney (½ day at the Australian Museum and ½ day at the Royal Botanic Garden including the Zoomobile):

Australian Botanic Garden (Mount Annan near Narellan / Campbelltown):

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden (Mount Tomah):

Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo):

  • 5-7 August 2014
    Cost: $19.00 (incl GST) per student for three 1 hour 15 min sessions.
  • Bookings: for these dates, make direct with Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo: Phone Taronga Western Plains Zoo on 02 6881 1433 or Fax 02 6884 4530
  • Click here for more information for study days at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo

North Coast Botanic Garden (Coffs Harbour):

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Australian Botanic Garden
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Western Plains Zoo
North Coast Botanic Gardens

  • Preliminary Biology

Australian biota

Evolution and Adaptation of Australian Plants

Explore the evolution of Australia’s flora from Gondwana to the present time.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Australian Botanic Garden

  • Preliminary Biology

plant scientists

Plants for Senior Science

Go behind the scenes and see plant production, nursery management, and the conservation of the Wollemi Pine at a botanic garden.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Australian Botanic Garden

  • Senior Science

maintaining a balance

Maintaining a Balance

Explore a variety of Australian environments to understand plant responses to temperature change and regulation, movement of material through the vascular system and minimisation of water loss.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Australian Botanic Garden

  • HSC Biology

search for better health

The Search for Better Health

Come behind the scenes with our plant scientists. See how to identify, research, quarantine and eradicate plant pathogens to help maintain healthy plants, ornamentals and natural environments - full-day workshop when combined with Maintaining a Balance.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

  • HSC Biology
  • HSC Agriculture

Premier's Debating Challenge


The Trust is proud to support the Premier’s Debating Challenge for Year 11 and encourages debating teams to contact us for Big Answers to Big Questions topics.

Food in Australia - for the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney ONLY

Food Tech brochure

Food in Australia - lesson for Year 9 Food Technology