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Nelleke Anderson

Born in the Netherlands in 1936, Nelleke's family came to New Zealand in 1952. Her interest in various forms of art started at an early age (her father was a painter, poet and diplomat). In 1953 she enrolled at the Canterbury Art School, Christchurch. In 1963, Nelleke and her family came to live in Sydney. Twelve years ago she started studying with botanical artist Helena Karnolz. She has had ten Group Exhibitions and was awarded a Highly Commended BASA award in 2007.

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Nelleke Anderson Dendrobium melaleucaphilum

Dendrobium melaleucaphilum
native orchid
350 x 500 mm

Nelleke Anderson Acca seliowiana
Acca sellowiana
380 x 290 mm