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  • Member Benefits include discounts on activities and products, our high quality magazine, and much more ...

Member rates

Membership of Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens covers the individual(s) in the following categories:

  • Individual - IND membership - (one card) the individual member named on the card
    Individual Standard $65, Individual Concession $50
  • Household - HH membership - (two cards) each adult member named on individual cards, plus their children under 18, residing at the same address
    Household Standard $82, Household Concession $65
  • Group - Group membership - three cards in the name of the group. Each card can be used by one member of the group at any one time.
    Group $120

A concession membership rate is available for Individual or Household membership for Commonwealth of Australia Pension card holders only. Each adult in a Household membership must hold a valid pensioners card. Concession membership is not available for Seniors card holders.

Concession membership is also available for full time students. The place of study must be noted in the application for membership.

Waratah members

Waratah members give annual donations, in addition to their membership. This enables Foundation and Friends to achieve even more in our goal of supporting the vital work of the Gardens.

Your Waratah donation is fully tax-deductible and 100% goes directly to projects of the Gardens.

  • GOLD WARATAH $1000 and above
  • SILVER WARATAH $500 - $999
  • BRONZE WARATAH $250 - $499

By becoming a Waratah you enjoy a close relationship with the Gardens including special opportunities to go behind the scenes and explore their incredible collections and fascinating science.

Our supporters can also donate to the Gardens via our Fellowship program.

Terms and Conditions

  • A Foundation & Friends' membership is only valid during the period up to and including the date of expiry
  • There is no refund on memberships
  • Please note that the Sydney Tropical Centre is currently closed for redevelopment
  • Members can enter the Australian Botanic Garden from dawn until dusk, outside the regular opening hours of 10 am to 5 pm. Parking is available along Mount Annan Drive, so remember to leave your vehicle outside the Garden gates. Please carry your valid membership card for presentation to Rangers upon request
  • A named membership card is non-transferable. Only the named person listed on the membership card may use it
  • Each transferable Group card may only be used by one person per visit
  • A child in a Household membership means a child under 18 years of age residing at the same address
  • The primary member is responsible for ensuring the details of their membership are correct at all times.


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