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Best-practice issues

The science and practice of conservation is improving rapidly. 

Researchers around the world are providing a better scientific basis for

  • analysing biodiversity
  • assessing the conservation status of species and communities
  • assessing the threats to biodiversity and what to do about them
  • developing effective conservation actions.

Conservation practitioners around the world are providing the practical experience of

  • how threatening processes operate
  • how species and communities are responding to them
  • how conservation actions are working out in practice.

All those involved in conservation are trying to develop actions and systems that work both biologically (for biodiversity) and for human societies (they are affordable, practical, and yield the results we desire for ourselves).  Meeting both the needs of both human and natural systems is not easy.

The Centre for Plant Conservation helps researchers and conservation practitioners to make better connections to pool ideas and information on these issues.

  • Genetic provenance - notes from 2002 seminars
  • Consequences of habitat fragmentation workshop, July 2003 

new alga

Titan Arum fruit