Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Coordinating Conservation

Through the Centre for Plant Conservation, the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust will continue to provide authoritative advice on state, national and international conservation issues, and contribute to committees and councils responsible for overseeing natural resource management.

The Trust maintains close links with other State agencies involved with conservation, with researchers around Australia, and with community conservation groups. See our links page for some of these.

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust's coordination role includes

  • chairing the NSW Biological Diversity Advisory Council
  • chairing the NSW Biodiversity Research Network
  • co-hosting the (September 2002) Education Congress of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International 

In addition, the Centre for Plant Conservation contributes by

  • holding information-exchange meetings on critical themes to build links between researchers, conservation managers, and community practitioners
  • holding mini-symposia and public forums

No single website can cover the whole range of conservation issues, but the Centre for Plant Conservation site will be developed become a clearing house for plant conservation information for New South Wales, including a register of NSW conservation programs, plant societies and research projects. See also our conservation links page.

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