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The Centre for Plant Conservation team

The Centre for Plant Conservation will help to conserve plants and their habitats by using the expertise and experience of Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust staff in research, education, horticulture and coordination, in partnership with other natural resource agencies and with the community.

The CPC Steering Committee includes the following Trust staff

  • Chair: Director Science & Public Programs (Brett Summerell)
  • Coordinator, Centre for Plant Conservation (Bob Makinson)
  • Assistant Manager (Natural Heritage) Australian Botanic Garden, Botanic Gardens & Public Programs Branch (Peter Cuneo)
  • Scientist, Conservation & Horticultural Research Section, Plant Sciences Branch
  • Manager Community Education, Botanic Gardens & Public Programs Branch (Janelle Hatherly)

Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust staff designated directly to the CPC are

Bob Makinson (CPC Coordinator)    

Bob’s role is to develop the CPC as a real nexus of information, coordination, and activity. A taxonomist (specialising in the genus Grevillea among others), he was previously Curator of the Australian National Herbarium at the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research in Canberra, and was Chair of the Commonwealth/State Endangered Flora Network for some years. He is also a member of the National Committee of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation.
Contact: mobile 0457 722 583 (preferred), or landline +61 (0)2 9231 8174; email

Dr Maurizio Rosetto (Conservation Ecologist/Geneticist)

Maurizio joined the gardens and CPC in early 2002. Previously he was at the Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics at Southern Cross University, Lismore N.S.W., and prior to that was in a similar unit at Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth. He has specialist experience in the genetics of threatened species, and has a major research project on gene-flow and population viability in the Big Scrub rainforest remnants of northern New South Wales. Maurizio is developing other research programs and student involvement, and discussing with conservation agencies their needs for genetic research outputs.
Contact: phone +61 (0)2 9231 8337; email

Many other Trust research staff are involved in plant conservation activity. Some of their projects can be seen in Conservation & Research.

Bob Makinson

Wollemi Pine