Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Key conservation issues

In Australia we face vital issues such as:

  • Land Clearing
  • Invasive Weeds
  • Maintaining clean water supplies
  • Soil erosion and salinity
  • The need to conserve rare & threatened species and communities
  • The need to conserve remnant, rural and urban bushland

As a community we must deal with critical environmental problems if we are to preserve our natural bush, agriculture, air, water and the quality of urban and rural life.

The Botanic Gardens Trust plays an important role in the conservation of biodiversity in New South Wales. We have a simple but powerful message:

Plants = Life

Without plants we would not exist - it's as simple as that!

Making the right choices requires the very best scientific expertise, high-quality education programs, effective delivery of information, and close involvement of the community - the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust coordinates these activities through the Centre for Plant Conservation.

Conservation of natural systems is a critical priority all around the world, but conserving human-made landscapes, and conserving old varieties of horticultural and agricultural plants, are also important tasks.  Landscapes are important to us all - they can have a huge impact on the quality of life and land values, for both rural and city dwellers. Old varieties of crops and ornamental plants often have genetic traits lost in more recent cultivars and hybrids. These issues too are part of conservation.

Cumberland Plain Woodland

Community garden