A simple equation, but it’s the meaning of life. Our world is solar powered, and plants are the generators. Without the spectacular array of trees, grasses, orchids, seaweeds and microscopic plants, we would not exist. It’s as simple as that.

Can we risk losing them? Think about it this way. Would you risk flying on a plane with one rivet missing? Two? Three? How many rivets before you don’t fly? How many species lost before our world becomes unsafe?

Plants can be spectacular - and they can be bizarre. They can make us calm and reflective. Sunset across wilderness makes life worth living. Sunrise across the very same plants is what gives us life. Plants are the lungs and heart of the planet. They give us air and food, and they give us beauty. Plants are Life.

Visit our three Gardens - you can discover the weird and wonderful, enjoy the majestic and magnificent, and bask in the beauty of magic landscapes — at the historical Royal Botanic Garden on Sydney Harbour, our cool-temperate garden at the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah and our extensive collection of Australian native plants at rthe Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan.

When we say Plants=Life, we put our scientific reputation behind it.

If you want to understand life, come and visit us.



Our mission is to Inspire the appreciation and conservation of plants.

native orchid Diuris arenaria